fiddles, fiddling, fiddled
1) VERB If you fiddle with an object, you keep moving it or touching it with your fingers.

[V with n] Harriet fiddled with a pen on the desk.

2) VERB If you fiddle with something, you change it in minor ways.

[V with n] She told Whistler that his portrait of her was finished and to stop fiddling with it.

3) VERB If you fiddle with a machine, you adjust it.

[V with n] He turned on the radio and fiddled with the knob until he got a talk show.

4) VERB If someone fiddles financial documents, they alter them dishonestly so that they get money for themselves. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

[V n] He's been fiddling the books...

[V n] Stop fiddling your expenses account.

5) N-COUNT: oft supp N A fiddle is a dishonest action or scheme in which someone gets money for themselves. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

Police investigating a ₤10 million car insurance fiddle arrested 16 people yesterday.

...legitimate businesses that act as covers for tax fiddles.

6) N-SING: a N If something is a fiddle, it is quite difficult to do because it involves small or complicated objects. [BRIT, INFORMAL]

I found out how to fix the tray on - a bit of a fiddle

7) N-VAR: oft the N Some people call violins fiddles, especially when they are used to play folk music.

Hardy as a young man played the fiddle at local dances.

8) PHRASE: v-link PHR Someone who is as fit as a fiddle is very healthy and full of energy.

I'm as fit as a fiddle - with energy to spare.

9) PHRASE: v-link PHR If someone is on the fiddle, they get money by doing illegal or dishonest things. [BRIT, INFORMAL]
10) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that someone is fiddling while Rome burns, you mean that they are not dealing with a difficult or dangerous situation but instead are doing useless things or pretending that nothing is wrong.
11) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR to n If you play second fiddle to someone, your position is less important than theirs in something that you are doing together.

She hated the thought of playing second fiddle to Rose.

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